Okaya Fast F4 Electric Scooter: Price, Specifications, Features, Range

Okaya Fast F4: Do you want to buy an electric scooter? If you have to buy an electric scooter under 1Lakh to 1.2 Lakh then you are on the right page.

Here we have shared a complete review about Okaya Fast F4. This electric scooter can be a good choice for you.

Here we have provided complete details about this electric scooter and in this low budget Okaya was providing value for money and Okaya Fast F4 have a good mileage and that can cover 150 to 195Km in a single charge.

There are some basic details & information about Okaya Faast F4.

Ev NameOkaya Faast F4
Company NameOkaya
Country India
Range150-195 Km/Charge
Motor TypeBLDC
Top Speed60-65 Km/Hour

Okaya Fast F4 Electric Scooter 

Okaya Faast F4 Electric Scooter is able to compete with their competitors in the market because this electric scooter is delivering value for Indian customers and they are providing us good specifications and features which is a main factor of any electric vehicle.

Okaya Faast F4 | Okaya Fast F4
Okaya Faast F4

Okaya was founded by Anil Gupta and this is a complete Indian start-up which is manufacturing electric scooters in India. 

Okaya is a startup which is trying to enter the Indian electric scooter market and there are many people who really liked their Okaya Fast Electric Scooter.

Okaya Faast F4 Price

Okaya Faast F4 Price is very low and they are providing Okaya Faast in low budget because they were trying to enter in Indian EVs market and there are so many competitors in EV manufacturing companies in India which are already performing well, but if you are looking for a vehicle which are able to give you best performance under the budget of 1.2 Lakh then Okaya Fast Electric Scooter can be a good choice.

Okaya was one the best Indian startups which manufacture electric scooters and bikes and there are some other competitors of Okaya’s in the Indian EVs market Like: Electron Motors, Ola, Hero Electric etc. and they are really doing well in this Industry but on the other poin Okaya was trying to provide a good specifications and features under the same budget of other competitors.

They are providing a lot of features which is impressive in this low budget, so let’s know about the exact price of Okaya Fast F4.

Ex Showroom Price ₹109,000
On Road Price₹114,534

Okaya Fast F4 Features

Okaya Faast F4 has given a lot of features in their electric scooter but here we are going to take some important features which are required for day to day life and if anyone wants to read their all features then you can refer theri official website which is able to give you correct information about their more features.

Okaya’s doing all focus on the Features and Specifications side because in India people only choose those bikes or scooters which are low budget and have good features and specifications.

So let’s know about their features of Okaya Faast F4.

Charging Time4-5 Hours
Charging PointYes
Speedometer Digital
Fast ChargingYes

Okaya Fast F4 Specifications 

If you only want good specifications in your electric scooter then Okaya Faast F4 is a blessing for you and you can get good specifications under the low budget. If you have to ride long and wanna do long rides with an electric scooter then this can be a good choice for you because they are providing 150-195 Km/charge range which is fabulous.

No one will provide this type of high range under 1.2 Lakhs budget but Okaya’s doing a great job and they are doing such things which is appreciable and we really have to appreciate these startups.

So let’s know about their Okaya Faast F4 Specifications.

Motor Power1200
Motor TypeBLDC
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Braking TypeCombi Brakes

Okaya Faast Range

There are many electric scooters in this price range which only have a range of 150-190 Km/Charge. As I have already told you, Okaya is providing massive specs and features which are incredible when we think about their price range.

Okaya was trying to build their family in the EVs market and their customer support is working 24×7 and they will definitely help you when you will get any kind of trouble related to their Okaya Fast Electric Scooter.


We are not promoting any kind of electric scooter but just we are sharing our thoughts and knowledge with someone who wants to buy an electric scooter and they are really looking for a good electric scooter.

So if you have to buy then you can choose Okaya Faast F4 and this Okaya Fast Electric Scooter is never going to disappoint you. Otherwise choice is completely yours if this Electric Scooter can fulfill your recruitment then you can choose this.

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