Emflux One vs Evoke Urban Classic: Detailed Comparison

Emflux One vs Evoke Urban Classic are both electric sports bikes which are available at the price of above 5 Lakh INR. 

Emflux One has an elegant look which can easily attract their customers and as compared to Emflux One, Evoke Urban Classic is appearing with normal sports bikes look.

Both bikes can work fluently at Indian Climate or Roads and these bikes are able to perform well in the section of Performance and Features.

In this article we are going to give a detailed comparison of Emflux One and Evoke Urban Classic.

Basic Information

These are all basic information which is necessary in electric bikes:

Info AboutEmflux OneEvoke Urban Classic
Range200 Km/Charge200 Km/Charge
Motor Power9.7 kwh19000 W
Charging Time30-40 Minutes25-30 Minutes
Motor TypeEmflux 3Phase AC Induction With Liquid Cooling

Mileage and Performance

If we compare these two bikes for performance and mileage, both bikes are the same. You will not see any kind of major difference in performance if you ride both bikes. 

Emflux One vs Evoke Urban Classic both bikes are made for performance and they are able to give us a good mileage. 

Emflux One can get fully charged in between 30-40 minutes and Evoke Urban Classic can take 25-30 minutes to get fully charged.

Info.Emflux OneEvoke Urban Classic
Acceleration3 Seconds2.6 Seconds

Features and Safety

If we talk about features of these two electric bikes then we can say at that price point they were giving a lot of useful and user-friendly features and in these bikes we have some great safety features like the battery of bikes are water resistant and batteries are able to control their body temperature.

Safety is a major issue these days because in an electric bike we already have seen major safety issues related to Ola. 

To prevent this type of issue companies are working constantly to find a good and effective way to prevent this issue and can create a good and best electric bike for the Indian Climate.

Evoke Urban Classic and Emflux One both bikes batteries are covered with good heatsink and companies are claiming that their bikes can control their temperature and we can use these without fear.

Info.Emflux OneEvoke Urban Classic
Instrument ConsoleDigitalDigital
EngineLiquid-cooled AC induction motor
Body TypeElectric Bikes and Sports BikesElectric Bikes and Sports Bikes

Tyres and Brake

Tyres and Brakes are an important part or component of bikes and in Emflux One vs Evoke Urban Classic their companies put an extra effort to make these electric bikes balanced and stable. 

In an Emflux One we can see a tyre of Pirelli Diablo Rosso II which is a good tyre brand and in Evoke Urban Classic they don’t mention the name of their tyre brand.

We can say the brakes of Emflux One and Evoke Urban Classic are almost similar. In Evoke Urban Classics they provide us Combi Brakes and in Emflux One we get Disk Brakes.

Info.Emflux OneEvoke Urban Classic
Tyre BrandPirelli Diablo Rosso II
Front Brake Diameter300mm300mm
Rear Brake Diameter220mm240mm

Engine and Transmission

In an engine both companies tried their best to provide a good engine which is able to perform well in Indian Climate and Roads and cannot cost high maintenance.

As compared to performance Evoke Urban Classic can perform well and give us a more fluent performance as compared to Emflux One.

Info.Emflux OneEvoke Urban Classic
EngineEmflux 3Phase AC Induction With Liquid Cooling


We compared both electric bikes and in these budgets I can say both bikes are on point. We cannot find major issues in Evoke Urban Classic and Emflux One. Both bikes are recommended. You can definitely buy any of them if your pockets allow.

But if you ask me to select one of them then I can definitely go for Emflux One because of their looks and performance. This bike is less expensive than Evoke Urban Classic and Emflux One is able to compete with Evoke Urban Classic. 

Both bikes have almost similar performance and stability so you can definitely choose any of them.

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