BGauss A2: Price, Features, Specifications, Mileage, Range

BGauss A2: If you are looking for a budget electric scooter then you are on the right page. Here we are going to talk about BGauss A2 electric scooters and we will explore their Features, Specifications, Price etc. 

If you have to buy an electric scooter on a budget then you can read this article completely. Maybe it will give you some detailed knowledge about EVs. 

When you have a low and tight budget then you will definitely not have a lot of choices and choosing here you can only get some electric scooter which is really able to provide you value in a low budget. 

BGauss is a new Ev Brand which manufactures Electric Vehicles for India. So let’s know about their budget range electric scooter BGauss A2. 

BGauss Price

If you have to buy an electric scooter under the budget of 60,000 to 70,000 then you can think about it but here I put all the details about this electric scooter at the end. I have also provided my review about this electric scooter. 

BGauss electric scooter can be your choice when you have a tight budget and you are unable to expand this budget. 

Let’s know about the price of BGauss A2, here I have already included On Road Price and Ex Showroom Price. 

On Road Price71, 999 INR
Ex Showroom Price52, 499 INR

BGauss Features

Many Indian customers give their first priority to features and they always try to buy something new which is available on the market and there are a huge amount of market customers who only purchase their vehicles for their features. 

At this price point BGauss is doing a great job and they are providing mobile connectivity´╗┐ in their electric scooter and on the other site their other competitors are not providing that much effort in this low budget range. 

So let’s know about the features of BGauss A2. 

Fast ChargingPresent
Mobile ConnectivityWith “Bluetooth”
Self StartPresent

BGauss A2 Specifications

BGauss A2 are providing decent specifications in their electric scooter and BGauss A2 electric scooter comes with BLDC motor which is able to do your daily driver work. They tried to provide us with good specifications and features. 

If you are looking for a decent electric scooter which is capable of doing your daily driver work then you can go for this. 

Their specs are similar to any mid range electric scooter which are availables in Indian EV’s market. 

Let’s know about the specifications of BGauss A2 and explore their parts. 

Motor TypeBLDC
Motor Power250
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDisc

BGauss A2 Mileage & Range

BGauss are capable to do your daily works but whenever we talked about battery then BGauss A2 is average performer if you only have to use this electric scooter in your town and you don’t even want to ride this electric scooter more than 50-60 km then it could be a great deal for you and your requirement can be easily fulfilled with the help of BGauss A2. 

Basically this electric scooter manufacturing company is claiming that they are able to provide us with a 70 to 75 km range with a single charge. 

Range72 Km/Charge


It’s completely depends upon you to buy this electric scooter or not but I can say they are providing good features and specs to their price point this is an value for money deal but, if you are an hardcore user and you has to buy an electric scooter for your personal use then you can go for another one. 

But if you are a worker or you have to buy this BGauss A2 electric scooter for your work then you can go for it. 

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